Set Design for a Music Video

Set design for a music video can be done no matter what the budget, small or big. If you are working on low budget music video, it is always good to observe your surroundings and gather what you can without it costing you a lot or breaking the bank. Simple ideas may be just to have lots of different fabrics in the background, or a white sheet with light shining through to create a silhouette. These simple ideas are still classed as set designing as they still have to be carefully thought through before setting up. Other ideas for low budget may be word backdrops, wallpaper backdrops or even lights as backdrops which all need to be carefully planned to make for an effective set design. For one of our recent videos we had a red sofa and we decided to wrap it with neon lights to make it stand out more in the dark lighting. This took time and effort from our set designer and needed to be planned for the day of the shoot, but was very effective.

If you have a big budget music video, then you can bring in much more exciting sets. For example if you are filming in studio, then you can build living rooms from scratch based on your style and look you want to go for. However, if you are at a location like a derelict house, it is always good to always dress the scene, e.g. furniture, mirrors, candles etc, to give it more character and a unique essence. Dressing a set can take a lot of thought especially when it is adding colours, structure and features to the scene. This should be well planned in the scripting stage. Drawing diagrams/storyboards or finding pictures online help to give ideas and inform all the crew and artist of the look you are going for. By drawing diagrams for any set design means you call plan out all the features, backdrops, accessories, furniture and how you will light it, therefore meaning a more efficient set up on the day. summer22

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