Why Film Behind the Scenes for a Music Video?

People are generally intrigued and fascinated by the activities behind the camera.  However, behind the scenes footage, especially for music videos, tend to be an undervalued opportunity/tool.  We at Budget Music Video are notorious for creating fantastic behind the scenes video, which popularly features our very own director Loraa.  Visit http://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/music-videos/behind-the-scenes/ for more info on how we work.

Behind the scenes are essential for any already established or upcoming video director for the following reasons:

  1. Marketing/promotional: Can be used to draw traffic to your vimeo /you tube channel or website.
  1. Informative: clients get a glimpse into how you as a director work i.e. work ethics, schedules.  Therefore it can instil confidence in future clients in terms of your overall performance and ability to deliver as a music video director.
  1. It can be used as learning tool, which can help improve future projects i.e.  behind the scenes footage can highlight areas where crews member (of course) unintentional  waste time during filming, which can be easily avoided.
  1. Extra revenue/income: some artist may request for an edited behind the scenes footage for a particular shoot and this can be compiled at an additional cost, therefore contributing to overall revenue for that shoot.

Written by Titilayo Raji


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