How to give Direction while filming a Music Video!

How to give Direction while filming a Music Video.

Directing a music video effectively is essential to the end result, it can be the difference between creating a spectacular music video or a lack lustre music video.  We at Budget Music Video have become popular with providing tips and trick as to how to direct, appropriately while shooting a music video on a budget, especially when time is off the essence.

Below are the tips and tricks that have been trailed and tested by Budget Music Videos:

  1. Precise Instructions:  Music Video shoots are usually packed with crew members, dancers, actors and not to mention the artiste.  Therefore it is essential to provide quick, precise and specific instructions that can be easily understood rather than trying to have lengthy conversations which can be time consuming and easily misunderstood.   For example short, punchy instructions such as dance move & hand ups.
  2. Continual performance: another important point is to remember while an artiste is performing, they should be allowed to run through the whole performance/music track.  For example during a take, while the artiste is performing, even if the artiste is performing with minor mistakes, as a director you need to allow them to perform through that take, then provide feedback and instructions after the take.  As opposed to stopping the act mid way through their performance. Because constant interruption can affect artist performance/confidence throughout the shoot.
  3. Warming up:  allowing the artiste to warm up during the first few takes, is also essential to breaking the Ice between director and artiste.  This also allows for fewer mistakes during performance takes.
  4.  Enthusiastic/complementary instructions: always providing complementary instructions can be encouraging for the artiste, crew members, dancers and actors. Especially during long hours of shooting.  This can help increase morale and as a director you are likely to pull out more performance from individuals on set.  For example try these catch phrase, which is something our Director Loraa constantly uses to motivate her crew members and artiste, that was good, we are getting there, we are also most there and that was good but try this……….

Written by Titilayo Raji –

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