Constantin - Christmas Time - Behind the Scenes - Directed By LORAA

How to Film and Edit a ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video

Here at Budget Music Videos we have a dedicated team of videographers working on our sets capturing ‘behind the scenes’. Usually they are our runners and interns/trainees. This is always good expereince for them to handle camera equipment and to play with ideas and angles. The main tips we give when filming ‘behind the scenes’ are as follows:

1. Make sure your equiment is at least 1080HD and you know how to operate the camera well. Try and film in a low aperture to create nice blur shots to capture and focus on the main point of interest, this is more appealing when telling a story, to keep the eye focused. Ensure if you want to record audio that there is a siffice microphone attached to the camera to pick up well. If the shoot is being shot in low lighting, have a small LED light attached to get clean shots without grain.

2. When filming try to capture small 10-15 second shots focusing on a particular person, object or scene. For example, the director calling ‘action’ or ‘cut’. These short shots are much easier to edit and make the job quicker and more precise, Also always try to take an artistic angle if possible. Make sure there is good composition as well, for example, looking over a shoulder, or behind a screen etc.

3. Tell a story about what you are filming, from the equipment being used , set up, set design, costumes makeup etc.

4. Try to introduce everyone involved in the production, e.g the producers, directors, dancers, etc.

5. Try not to film the same thing repeatedly, make a prepared plan or shot list to make sure you cover everything involved in the production.

By taking into account all the above and getting some practise, you should be able to master the art of filming a ‘Behind the scenes’.

When editing a ‘behind the scenes’ here at Budget Music Videos we tend to follow the same template each time. This works for us, but may not work for everyone else, it depends on what your are filming. The main things we do are as follows:

1. Introduce the video with some text, and some blurred images

2. Introduce the director, DOP, producers, musicians, actors etc

3. Introduce the location/studio, show scenes being set up.

4. Show equipment including cameras, lighting and props being set up

5. Show actors, dancers etc getting ready, e.g. makeup/hair/costumes

6. Show bloopers, show actual filming, show funny takes

7. Do a timelapse shot of a particular scene.

8. End video with same text from the beginning, giving all involved their credits.

Check our ‘behind the scenes’ videos here: Behind the Scenes


Written by LORAA