Raj - Checklist - Behind the Scenes (filmed by Ana Garcia, edited by LORAA)

The Importance Of Good Content On Social Media!

No matter what area or industry you specialize in, there should always be careful consideration when uploading content that represents your industry or business. For example here at Budget Music Videos (http://budgetmusicvideo.co.uk) we specialize in film and photography and obviously music videos, so our followers on Instagram, facebook, twitter etc only want to see content relating to these areas. If you go outside these areas, you will struggle to build a follower base and gather momentum on social media. You will also quickly loose followers as well who previously liked your profile.

There are 6 rules to follow when uploading content to social media, including:

  1. Keep content relevant to your industry/trade, this is what your followers want to see.
  2. Don’t upload rude, inappropriate or sexual content, this always proves to be offensive.
  3. Keep content unique and interesting, this will keep your followers interested, and help to gather new followers.
  4. Avoid word content, for example: slogans, slangs, poems, quotes. Keep content as visual as possible, imagery is proving the number 1 form of social media, as followers are more likely to ‘like’ a pictures more than some text as it is faster to digest.
  5. Ensure that you pay the same respects to your followers, by ‘liking’ their content as well, and following other profile’s in the same industry. This shows common courtesy which is usually responded well.
  6. Uploading content on social media needs to be a constant flow, it should frequent, daily and well paced. For example , it is better to release content 3 tines a day at most, morning, afternoon and evening. This is the best way to keep good traction. If you release several pieces of content at one time you will find they wont get much feedback as followers will ‘like’  the first piece then skip/scroll past the rest

If you check our social media profiles, you will be able to see a good example of good steady performance. Content is thought out well and is consistent. If you check other successful profiles, you will be able to see they way they operate and take note of their current schedules for releasing content. Written by: LORAA http:budgetmusicvideo.co.uk