The Rhetoriks - Behind the Scenes - Directed By LORAA

Office Life At Budget Music Videos!

OFFICE LIFE AT BUDGET MUSIC VIDEOS If you were to think life on the set of a music video is a busy stressful time then you would be underestimating just how busy things can get at the office in only a day. In the space of a day the phone rings nearly a hundred times, emails flood in with queries and requests, yes life at the office can sometimes be busier than onthe set. For me after four years of a film course where the being on the set was the most stressful part, I was set to discover that within the confines of the office, the work can pile up heavily and even tea breakscan be at times more rarer than the dodo bird.

Currently amongst other projects we are working towards a big project for a realty tv show, the details of which I am not at liberty to divulge but prepping for it is mad. The project requires several locations so theday before yesterday myslef and Loraa (The Boss!) scouted out the locations and got a scenic tour of the countryside (So many fields!) the locations for this project include the beautiful historic estate Mount Stewart, it will film beautifully as long we don’t break any of the 1000 rules they have. the other locations include The Dark Hedges and Dunluce Caste. it just shows there is so much beauty within Northern Ireland. with our locations decided the next stage is to organise the script, book the crew and equipment, research props and other details such as the cast and their essentials. This is all a timeconsuming process as you have to be prepared for stone waling and the odd brick wall. One of the most busy things has been booking the equipment and remaining within the confines of the budget, this shoot wil take 2 days but will require good camera quality and lighting amongst other exciting things.

Researching is an important part of putting together the preperations of a music video and it can take a whilebefore you find the results you need and given we here are a small film industry that is still growing it can be hard to find the right results. hopefully we ourselves can be part of giving the industry’s much hoped for boost. We are only a matter of weeks away from this big shoot and the fear and stress is growing between having to make changes to arrangements, arranging other things, waiting on price queries for equipment and props, awaiting confirmation of musical talent (Cant tell you that either). As i said life on the set is one thing but working at the office for a day is quite another thing as you need a clear head, strategic thinking,cool temprament and LOTS of Coffee. Hopefully once project is completed we can tell you more about what to expect when project is released. Stay Cool Northern Ireland. Written by: Bill Farrell