Here at Budget Music Videos if you think in the run up to Christmas we slow down and chillax then
think again. We are busier than Santa’s workshop here at BMV minus making toys although what we make
is better than toys (Sorry Crappy Elsa Doll nobody wants). The phones ring so much they are off the hook
and nearly up to the ceiling. Another day till december is another day the phone rings for us, you’d be
suprised how many artists demand our services at this time of the year despite the chilly air and the
busy times. the weather of course has never bothered us as we enjoy the work and it’s fun to work a
little christmas magic into the project.

Only there at the weekend we fimed a music video in New York and we have another project to film so we havent
got time to chill for egg nog just yet. We of course look forward to potential clients and their vision for
their video with a little vision from us as well. Whatever the request is we can do it and should it snow
then we would love to film in the snow. Think how magical the setting would be in a blanket of snow
(Come on Mother Nature)

Needless to say we are excited by what this festive season will bring to our projects stocking. But we dont slow
down as the the season to be jolly approaches, we keep on hard at it making new videos and bringing in new clients.
We of course will be resting Christmas Day for we need to be prpepared for the explosion of the attention and
coverage we will get when the mystery project is revealed in January and trust me it will be big so the countdown is on till
all is revealed

So keep your eyes and ears open folks as the festive season gets more festive so keep up with our porgress through
this blog, facebook, twitter, instagram and our website.

Till next time Friends
This is Blogging with Billy