Eva Camarata - Fashion Week 2015



In December it is commonplace for a video production company to put together a showreel highlighting thier work over the past year but here at Budget Music Video’s, we’ve got not one, now two but FIVE as the amount of work we do including the action and behind the scenes would add up to ength of feature film rather than a showreel so we chose not to pace al our eggs in one basket but spread it out so viewers can check out how much work goes on in Budget Music Video’s. The amount of projects that come in are unbeleiavbale as everyone knows to expect nothing but the best from our team and from our creative director Loraa (everything would be lost without her) the amount of projects pouring in will also increase once the mystery project airs (all will be revealed soon folks, be patient, it will be worth the wait)

I have been given the chance to help with this and have been helping put together showreels for London Fashion Week 2014 and a promo for the studio premises here in dromore, it has been both exciting and a challenge to worj on these as my editing skils are rusty as I havent used them much since leaving college (poor old bill does his best) for me when editing footage from something like London Fashion week, you want to capture all the glamour and style the event radiates. Let me give an example. When working on the cat walk footage I used shots where the models really strutted thier stuff and showed off the best and most grand outfits. there is some great footage and is a credit to how many talented people are here at Budget Music Videos. Overall as Christmas comes we have heads to the grindstone, preparing everything, showreels and all for the publicity in January, the excitement is building for everyone here at BMV. Doing this has made me reliase the importance of showreels and self promotion, cause if you wanna stand out in the crowd then you have to have something that wil get everyone facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, whatsapping and of course blogging and all the other techy stuff an old man of 23 like myself knows nothing about. Loraa of course will be helping me with making the showreels beautiful (a woman’s touch makes magic after all, just ask Nigella Lawson)

anyway till next time folks when you’re blogging with billy

BTW be careful this christmas, the most dangerous traffic doesent have to been on four wheels