Eva Camarata - Fashion Week 2015



Within the last few months there has been big changes at Budget Music Videos as we are preparing to relaunch another aspect of the company, BMV PRODUCTIONS. This is due to the fact that we have been working on two mystery projects over the past few months including the one I have mentioned in previous posts (I know you're desperate to know what the mystery 
project is but we cant tell you yet!). The attention that both these projects will raise will be phenomenonal, 280 million viewers is quite a lot isnt it. Things here at the office are changing as we have now installed new booking agents so we can focus more on planning more videos and consistency of quality. 

The second website (bmvproductions.co.uk) will be be getting a new look with plenty of new content set to be uploaded by January. The amount of new content will be exciting to see as it all looks so well put together and of excellent quality so keep youre eye out for it, you will not be disapointed. Whilst you are dying to know about the mystery projects 
we can give you an idea about the websites new content in the meantime. This will be London Fashion Week ranging from 2013 to this year and it all looks so excellent and breathtaking with plenty of style and glamour (Kardashians are so last year). When it comes to 
outstanding video quality BMV can be expected to go above good standards to brilliant 

A new feature as part of the relaunch will be videos with high end quality and we can promise they wil not disappoint you. Without doubt this relanch of BMV Productions will excel us as a company and the the amount of projects and enquiries will get bigger than ever 
before. Brace yourselves, big things are on the horizon for BMV PRODUCTIONS!

Written by Bill Farrell.