I remember my interview for starting work at budget music videos as for most of it Loraa was on the phone. First I’ve heard of a job interview where the boss wants to speak to someone else. It turned out to be a very important call and Loraa then went onto tell me about her new project “I-Supermodel” 爱上超模 in China which would be shooting here in Ireland and so it looked I had arrived at the right time. To be involved in such a huge project seemed too good to be true and only just out of college as well. Loraa securing the project came through her liaison with Generator NI who recommended her to Kain Craigs, head of Chinese logistics for Iconic Golf group. Loraa and me were excited about this and so began the prep and trust me there was plenty of it.

From then on everything within the office was working towards this big project and there was barely time for tea “nobody died of starvation luckily”. For the video the Chinese wanted to have a video that highlighted two of Ireland’s fantasy series those being Game of Thrones and The Chronicles of Narnia. Whilst not technically being an Irish series Game of Thrones shoots in Ireland most of the time. Loraa brainstormed and worked on how to bring these two iconic series together. Finally she came up with the idea of the models acting in the video to stumble upon a wardrobe somewhere and it would take them to fantasy like locations. Locations that we thought about included Mount Stewart, Dunluce Castle and Dark Hedges. We then took a day out and went location scouting, after visiting Mount Stewart it seemed a lovely location to shoot however given it is an old house, there were plenty of  restrictions on what could and could not be done, this includes the following
so many rules, feels like being a little boy again and having to sit quietly whilst visiting relatives “oh the boredom”. The other two locations Dunluce Castle and Dark Hedges were more promising and there would be little trouble filming down there. All that was needed now was a location to replace Mount Stewart and kick off the story within the video


The script went through many changes practically from pillar to post until finally the concept was ready. The storyline consisted of the models are on a day out and meet three men “the band” at a cafe then discover the wardrobe which takes them to the dark hedges and then dunluce castle where they find a ring for each of them then return back to reality only to discover they are still wearing the rings. With equipment ordered, crew on their way it was time to start shooting. on Tuesday 20th October 2015 filming commenced for I-Supermodel at the Harbour Bistro Donaughdee. I-Supermodel looked set to be an exciting time as the day before Loraa was interviewed by press filmed in Queens University Library setting the task for the models. The 3 models themselves were very beautiful and would be great to work with. The filming began with the drone as the three models walked down the pier in Donagahdee the drone stuff must have been exciting to film and tricky to manoeuvre for if it was me using the drone, it would have gone into ocean. Loraa throughout the day directed the models well through each scene.One scene did require a few retakes, the models had to walk down the path past the band then sit down, for some reason we had a few retakes, the models were delighted when we finished the gazziolionith take. Sitting down must be hard for some.  Overall the first day went great and we generated some publicity with local newspaper and TV.

Day 2 brought us to Dunluce Castle which was a beautiful place to film. Carrying the door down the hill and up the stairs to the part of the castle we were filming was hard. as the day progressed we had the odd delay or two but once we started we were in the swing of it. for us the runners and assistants, the trick part was constantly running up and down the hill to fetch this and that “who needs the gym”. then onto the final location, the dark hedges and just as we started, it began to rain so by the time we finished we were all drowned rats. The best part about filming in the dark hedges despite the bad weather was letting off the smoke bombs, all that coloured smoke and mist created by the rain really added to the magical atmosphere. originally during the planning there were going to be horses but we decided against it and the video looks better with just the models. And so came the iconic phrase at the completion of a shoot THAT’S A WRAP! overall working on this project was very exciting and I hope everyone enjoys the finished video

Since then the video has been edited and it looks truly amazing. it has aired on both Chinese and UK Television to 50 Million People and is set to be screened at an official screening with the Chinese consulate of Ireland in Attendance. Watch this space for all final documentaries and film work. it will all be available soon on our sister website

Till next time folks

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