This past Monday we were invited to the screening of the I-Supermodel preview at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Europa Hotel in Belfast. It was very exciting to be invited to such a prestigious event. All glammed up we arrived at the hotel excited for everyone to see the final video awe had all put so much hard work into. This video will not only show the beauty of Northern Ireland but wil do good work for cross country relations between Northern Ireland and China. The more projects brought over to Ireland will be a good boost for tourism and businesses.It was also a pleasure to see the deputy mayor
of belfast speak at the event. It shows how important it is to keep good contact with other countries

The Europa is a lovely hotel so you would get nothing but perfection, the ballroom for the function looked splendid decked out with red and gold Chinese decorations. All those in attendance looked great, there was even a few people in traditional Chinese outfits and it really suited for the occasion.

For us the screening was a very exciting moment. When Martin Craigs from the Iconic Golf Group got up to speak, there was silence all round. Present on the big stage was Martin, Kain and
Loraa. Martin spoke about how the I-Supermodel project was brought to Ireland rather than Paris or Milan. After that the video was played to a great response. Whilst these events played out
on stage Myself and Richard filmed everything going on for behind the scenes. The video played perfectly captured the models in Ireland and how they being filmed in beautiful locations such
as the Dark Hedges.

when we arrived at the ballroom our table had nothing not even cutlery whilst everyone else’s did. 20 minutes in for some reason they decided we deserved a little food, the highlight was the medley
of desserts which consisted of treats like mini cheese cake and apple crumble. Overall it was a lovely evening and we are happy that so many people got to see the video