BMV Video Blogs – I Supermodel

Here at BMV Productions we are now delighted to announce that in conjunction with Love Belfast we will be creating video blogs so now you will get to see and hear us as well as reading about us. (applause) Thank you. Just a brief bit of info on Love Belfast, they are an online publication that report on fashion, theatre, celebrity gossip, sport, restaurants, good food and the night life in Belfast. We were really excited about working with this publication as it helps us to showcase our work and show people the amount of work that goes into making a film/music video.

For this issue we filmed a blog about working on the I-Supermodel Shoot. For us to be able to explain the amount of work that went into this project was a fantastic opportunity. People think filming a blog is something you can do in a few minutes but not so, here at BMV we strive to achieve perfection in our work. Setting up camera and lights took an hour or two but it was worth it as the video looked perfect and filmic. Loraa was our leading lady to appear in front of the camera (where’s her Oscar?)

The content for the blog consisted on the main points of the shoot such as securing the project and the filming itself. short and snappy is the way to go for video blogging (move out of the spotlight youtubers, we’re coming through). Being able to show people the work we do is a great chance to show that making either a music video or a film does not take a short time but a huge amount of time in terms of preparation.

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