Our director Loraa has directed not one but two music videos for two top TV shows, the other one being Britans Next Top Model in which she directed a music video for the shires and it starred the models from
britans next top model. It was a very busy day of fiming as there was so much to get done. The video mainly consisted of the girls acting as if they worked and lived on the farm with the shires singing in the background. The models themselves were a pleasure to work with (the odd diva tantrum now and again, but that’s show business) The shires of course were very nice and played very well

The girls had to work on the farm doing daily duties but for them the tricky part was to learn a barn dance and the stress of learning it led to plenty of drama on and off camera. As the director Loraa set up a different range of scenes it was very exciting, the range of scenes included the barn dance, feeding the animals so a few of the models were slightly nervous (of those cute fluffy animals?), coming out of the farm house, walking up and down the fields. walking down the hills was risky as the cameraman had to walk in front of the models with loraa behind him supporting him so luckily everything went well and nobody fell down and broke their crown.

there was also scenes filmed with the models driving a horse and carriage which was very exciting (as long as they didn’t end up on the motorway, no horse junctions unfortunately). Overall Loraa had a tough job during the day but she was in full control and organized everything to a tee. It is a clear example of the importance of having things planned and organized beforehand so you can keen on schedule

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