In the era of pre 2000’s Social Media was non existent so people back then practiced a long forgotten art known as “Conversation” (how did people manage like and share things?). So for film’s, their existence was known through word of mouth and heavy marketing such as billboards and trailers. For films their success depended on how well they were known if that influenced people to come and see them.

Nowadays the marketing of film has changed through the rise in using social media as a promotional tool. Film Companies use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to show people behind the scenes pictures and videos, teaser trailers, countdown to film’s official release, interviews with cast and crew. An example of this was the first trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens, within hours of release the trailer gained more than a million views. Social media has definitely within the last few years become an important tool for filmmakers everywhere they have been able to use it for the reasons just previously mentioned. more importantly for independent filmmakers, they can use social media as a tool to draw attention to crowd funding campaigns and to promote the knowledge of their film being accepted into national and international film festivals. Film Festivals also use social media to promote their content and events to spark interest in Film Culture such as Q & A’S, master classes and preview screenings of upcoming materials

As with all new trends especially promotional/marketing tools it is important to get behind it immediately and nowadays people are more keen than ever to see behind the scenes of their favourite films such as star wars fans who tried to fly drones over the studios for the force awakens. Overall Social Media now serves as a way of promoting films and helping fans connect more their favourite films. Who knows what the future may hold for film and social media but rest assured if it helps to promote films bigger and better then let it continue.