Instant Quote Calculator

One of the functions of the Budget Music Videos website and the BMV Productions site is the instant quote calculator. For potential clients they can use it calculate the cost of services they will need and how they can fit it around their budget. Due to the relaunch of BMV the calculator has been heavily updated and looks pretty fantastic Firstly the original calculator offers mainly basic options for what kind of video the client wants and what kind of edit would be required plus options for behind the scenes and extra crew if needed also including options for make up, UV paint or behind the scenes. pretty basic mainly but with the relaunch the calculator has been updated with plenty of new great options. The new calculator offers options for what kind of camera and Drones, think how amazing it would be to film with one of those. types of edits have been changed to include green screen edits and detailed edits with tints, touch ups and special effects. options are also offered for time frame of music video, trailers/promos, video formats and
other great new options like hair and make up.

so don’t just sit there