In our profession you will run across all kinds of people, including people who will attack you on YouTube, Social Media or email. The reasons that some people who will do things like this are for a variety of reasons that stem from jealousy, dislike, vindictiveness, revenge and other unpleasant emotions. It is important to be wary of people like this as they will lash out at you at any time and have no regard for how it wil affect you or the people around you, or you business, workplace, or life.

You work hard to build a business, a brand or a product but there will always be someone out there who will want to take you down and it is shocking there are people like that around us. It is important in how you will resolve such problems as people like that will be difficult and probably aggressive and could lash out at you at great personal risk

people dont realise that they are doing hateful things when they are using your logo for abusive or nasty reasons. If someone has created a logo for their product or business, it is their property and it does not give someone the right to take that logo and tarnish it or use it for vulgar, derogatory content. People rely on their trademark to sell their product/business and stealing it for undesirable reasons is a breach of copyright law. So it should be a lesson to anyone thinking doing something that could damage a company’s reputation, most businesses have started small and grown over time so attacking that is nothing but spite.

We here at Budget Music Videos have grown over time and built up a large client base so anybody that thinks they can just walk in and try to damage that shoud realise all actions have consequences.

Please support us and if you see any derogatory videoes or comments please let us know