Behind the Scenes - Chuka Royalty - Kolo - Directed by LORAA

Ethics In The Music Business

In the last few weeks the situation with Kesha and Sony has become the source of public debate with most people pledging their support to Kesha instead of Sony leading to online petitions to boycott Sony’s products and protest outside the courthouse handling the case in support of Kesha. Kesha’s current situation is not an easy one as she cannot release any more music unless it is with Sony and means she must work with Dr Luke the man who has made her life hell. What is most shocking about the whole situation is that it reveals how cut throat the music business can be, for Kesha trying to be released from her current contract is no easy task and Sony are pulling out all their legal teams to stop her. You’d think if one of their artists was having problems then they would be a bit more lenient but obviously not it seems most record companies these days care more about money than the music and with Kesha being such a star, they don’t want to risk losing money rather than the wellbeing of their artists. Sadly with most media organisations such as Hollywood it’s all about the money. surely people matter more than money.

Here at BMV we treat our artists with respect  and care more about their music and listen if there’s problems. For us what comes first is the quality of our artists and their video for the chosen song. We may not have millions at our disposal but that doesn’t matter to us as we enjoy our work and the creativity we can inject into our projects. We believe in courtesy and respect towards the people we work with and this should be the ethics for all businesses within the mainstream media.