Going to a live gig can be exciting and if we want want to remember the gig or look back at it then we film it. That being said however there are all sorts of issues that can affect filming live gigs. The kind of issues faced by anyone wanting to film a live event can range from people getting in the way of you’re cameras line of vision, recording sound, the lighting for the event and al sorts of other problems. People getting in the way can be one of the bigger problems as you will have people wanting to get closer to the stage or tripping over your tripod/apparatus and whilst it can be annoying, you have to remember they have as much right to be there as you do so it is just a problem you will have to find a solution for.

recording sound also can be a problem as trying to get sound from the mixing desk can be trick but if you can then you have some quality sound and footage but of course at most live
events mainly music ones, you will have people shouting and singing along to the music and again there is nothing you can do about that. One of the best things you could do is adjust
you’re camera sound to capture the best audio it can. Probably the biggest challenge you will face is the lighting, if the live event is a music event then the light style will probably be something with flashing lights or spotlights and that can pose very big problems for you’re footage as the quality will be reduced by the venue lighting. An ideal solution would be to bring along an LED although it could be blinding for the band performing. Another huge issue is trying to get good close shots of the band performing up close as there will no doubt be security restrictions on how close you can go to the stage with a camera and there may be bouncers/bodyguards to affirm that. If you’re camera has good zooming in power then make full use of it. Overall when filming live gigs you must realise the challenges you may face and find a way of overcoming them but leaving the event with plenty of great footage