Filming In The Summertime

SUMMER IS COMMING!!! after months of cold, rain, snow, hail and more cold, we can finally look forward to the summer and all that comes with it, sun, sea, sand, reading, drinking, barbecues, holidays, no school and for those of us in the industry great weather for filming! The summer presents itself as a good time to be out with camera and crew as there does not seem to be a cloud in the sky but putting the good weather factor aside there are several challenges to face when filming in the summer. For us here at Budget Music Videos this is our busiest season as the house is coming down with enquiries as artists everywhere are taking advantage of the good weather and want to shoot in beautiful exterior locations like gardens or outside nice houses. So if you want to avail of our services this summer, then get booking. You also have to remember if you are filming somewhere public like a park, street, meadow, garden. In summer weather there is the chance that families will be there on days out and as frustrating as it is, you have to remember they have the same right to walk around the location as you do.

Another thing and for people who plan night shoots this can be a problem, in the summer the sun does not go down until 10:00PM so cast and crew must wait until very late before they start setting up to film the evenings footage and that means a long, frustrating slightly tiring wait. Unfortunately magic powers like time travel are still some years hence so don’t start buying pots and pointy hats just yet,. Overall the summer is a great time to be filming anything especially in environments such as forests or parks where the bright sunlight reflects the environments true beauty. Let us hope (and with plenty of prayer) this summer will not have a single rain cloud in sight and we can dig out the flip
flops and dig into a nice Ice Cream or TWO!

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