Giving Guidance In The Film Industry

As more and more people enter the field of film-making/production, it is always critical to remember they are just starting out and it is important that we as skilled film/video production artists offer them guidance. I believe we should nurture the talent of these up and coming artists in whatever field of production they choose to enter be it Filming, producing or editing. The nurturing of talent helps it to grow like a flower in a garden. Giving guidance does not mean you have to sound like a battle-axe school teacher who says don’t do this and don’t do that, it is far from that. To give guidance is to show how you can do something better, for example if it is someone who is into filming then show them different ideas for shooting such as angles or lenses, things that will develop their skills and aid them in the future

Our latest new recruit Bill has learned several new skills since joining the team, he has learned the techniques and skills to film a great behind the scenes video for projects and researching props and locations for shoots. As said before giving guidance to newcomers in the film industry is important not only for them but if we want to welcome more people into the industry.