7 days without sweets is hard but imagine going 7 days without any kind of social media, that would be a real challenge. without social media we would have to…. Talk to People! (OH THE AGONY) Our Boss Loraa has bravely decided to take up the challenge (Give that Woman a Cookie!) Loraa is normally very active with social media posting videos and giving people an insight into what’s been happening lately with Budget Music Videos so taking a break from it will not be easy. what will she do with her fingers? (Knitting anyone?) Loraa is determined to do it and whilst it will be a real challenge for her, I am sure she will get through it with no trouble. Given how much time we spend on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I’m surprised the Government haven’t introduced a no social media day although it is doubtful anyone would go along with it. Loraa will take a picture each day and I will put it on social media.

We salute you Loraa
7 Days with no Facebook or Twitter will be hard but we believe you can do it.