Spring Into Style Fashion Show

With the cold weather and all it’s evils hopefully disappearing we are preparing for the warm weather and hopefully a roasting summer but there is one important thing everyone needs for the summer, no not the tan, a great wardrobe, we all have a passion for fashion don’t we? (unless you’re a socks and sandals person SHUDDER!!!). We were lucky to get an insight into what to wear this spring/summer as we attended the Spring Made Stylish fashion show which has been touring around the country and is currently stopped at Armagh City Hotel. What a glamorous event it was, there was all sorts of style for men and women excluding wedding dresses, they haven’t designed a man’s wedding dress just yet. Truly there was some fabulous fashion on show that night, the men’s clothing range was modelled by the Armagh City Fire Department so it was pretty hot. There is an old say “Never work with Children or Animals” and that night proved that expression was spot on. Asking children to go on a catwalk and do what they are told is impossible. Firstly they ran back in and ran back out as if they were on a football field then another child kicked up such a fuss her dad had to go and get her on stage. So never work with children or animals. A huge congratulations to all the designers of what can only be described as beautiful and fashionably stunning creations, Northern Ireland could become the next Milan. Stay tuned as the show is making stops at Banbridge, Lurgan and Portadown.

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