Students In The Studio

Yesterday was a very busy day for us as we had students down from NRC in Ballymoney to film their music video projects as part of their film production course. It was truly exciting for us to see these students put their skills to the test and produce some creative and beautiful work. there were three groups and each group had a different  style or theme for their project. One group was doing a video with a metal band, the other was doing a pop video with one of our current clients Christina Laroque and one for Chuka Royalty another of our current clients but he was there in spirit. As I said it was really interesting and exciting to see these students working on their projects.

Rather interestingly one of the video required a LOT!! of balloons, so many in fact they were all over the hallway and it was practically impossible to not step on one. There’s an idea for a TV Game show, challenge someone to run through a hallway full of balloons without stepping on one. Christina’s video required a rainy window shot which was achieved through a clear sheet of plastic and a watering can and it looks pretty spectacular. It is great to see young people challenging their creativity to great new lengths. Creativity is a Drug, one that wont hurt you but make you better. We here love to see the studio being used for great purposes and these students had some great ideas that will excel their projects greatly. (good ideas broaden the mind). Overall the students obviously put plenty of thought and innovative juices into creating their projects. We hope to see them down in the studio again at some point.