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In the past six months I have been working at Budget Music Videos my understanding of how a music video is made has modified greatly. I always though the production of a music video was similar to that of a film but I was wrong (For Once). The expression you learn something new everyday is spot on for as I work with Budget Music Videos the more I learn about making Music Videos and for me to learn more about this style of video is fascinating mainly as I like to learn about the different types of production work there is in the industry. Just like film production there are 3 stages

1. Pre-Production

2. Production

3. Post-Production

This is the same sequence that follows with music video creation but the amount of time spent on the sequences is different. For me I always though the hardest and busiest part was the production of a music video but it turns out that the busiest part is the Pre-Production and planning of the video. Through working with Loraa this has become evident as when she begins a new project, she firstly will listen to the song to get an idea of what could be in the video, what tones and themes are hinted/suggested. This is important if the video is a full on scripted storyline video. Viewers probably don’t understand how much work goes into a three/five minute music video. As I said it is pre-production that has the most work as it includes researching the necessary elements like extras, locations, costumes, props, booking crew, equipment and of course organising the dates to film that suit everyone. So much work goes into putting everything together for the filming dates that the filming itself is a walk in the park (even better if you’re filming in a park). Through working with Loraa I have realized that more work goes into the planning of the shoot rather than the shoot itself and I have found this to be very interesting as I didn’t realize that planning something so short as a music video could be so hectic and busy. As you progress in an industry such as the film/music video sector you will discover there is plenty to learn about it the
more you learn then the more you advance your skills.

Stay Tuned for the Next Blog, billy