Creating The Video For The Fresh Prince Of Chilli Sauce

Recently we did a Video for Mr Singh’s Chilli sauce and we did it in the style of one of the most iconic shows from the 90’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” which left our screens in 1996 (Boy don’t we feel old and grey). When we were contacted by Mr Singh and discussed ideas for his promo he said he wanted to do it in the style of the famous Fresh Prince opening credits which excited us very much. Over the next few weeks we worked out the story of the video as we wanted to do justice with such an iconic TV theme music. The story of the video would be Mr Singh explaining how he began making chilli sauce and how he began selling and promoting it, all by sing it (kinda like Disney). We were very excited about filming this video as everyone knows and love the Fresh Prince and using its theme for a video was such an honour. On the day of filming plenty of shots were filmed such as recreating the famous graffiti and taxi sequences and of course the throne sequence which was to be edited using green screen. Filming on the day was fun as we enjoy being creative in our work and this was a real chance to put our creativity to the test. The editing was quite exciting as being able to work with green screen effects is exciting, especially when you have a revolving throne in the shot as well. Overall it was an exciting project to film and we are happy to say Mr Singh loved the video and it has become an internet hit. Believe it or not DJ Jazzy who starred in the Fresh Prince TV show itself has seen it and loves it. Fingers crossed Mr Smith might see it

Here is a link to the Video itself: