Well it is nearly 15 months since we moved over here to Ireland from the UK and for us as a production company we have faced some challenges. First of all the biggest challenge has been to make people aware of us  and what we do and that has been achieved through our digital marketing using email campaigns, social media and promoting our websites . The industry here in Northern Ireland is different to the industry within the UK for in the UK people use the internet and are mainly online whilst here in Ireland people talk (reminds me a bit of the olden days before technology). Whilst word of mouth is all very well it is our online presence that makes people more aware of us. As time goes on we hope to build a huge client base throughout Ireland and become more well known.

From the few projects we have done filming within Northern Ireland is exciting due to the beautiful scenery Northern Ireland has to offer. We have already had the pleasure of filming in such stunning locations such as Dunluce Castle and the Dark Hedges, locations for Iconic TV Show Game of Thrones. Overall as time goes on we will continue to build our presence as a production company both on and offline.

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