Sakina - London Di Rani - Music Video

Our Music Videos on TV AGAIN!

One of our videos was on TV….. AGAIN!!!!!. This time we were working with the Artist Sakina for her new song “London DI Rani” and it was an exciting project to work on. The video we worked on was to be aired on the Television channel BritasiaTV Sky channel 824 and on repeat (can never get too much of a good thing). We shot the video around London in some very nice spots including a view of the river and a graffiti area and we here at Budget Music Videos take great pride in sourcing the right locations for our project. Sakina was great to work with and brings great style to the video. Our cameraman Nitin Lutchman was in his element and filmed some beautiful shots. It is always exciting for us to work on a new project and the more creative the better as we always like to push our creativity to the Max!. Having watched the video We have done a great job and hope many people everywhere will see it around the country and see how we here at Budget Music Videos take our
work seriously with great results.

Check out the video here

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