Becoming A Musician.

Becoming a Musician, boy isn’t that something we would all like to be. Thanks to shows like X Factor, The Voice it seems like it might be the easiest thing in the world. That is not the case, you don’t just get up in front of judges and a crowd thinking you could be the next Gary Barlow or Stevie Wonder. Becoming a musician is a very challenging process and you need to have the required skills and be prepared to continue learning more as you go along.

Firstly where do your musical talents lie, Instruments or vocals. Once you have figured that out then you are starting on your way. You must be prepared to learn plenty about you’re chosen field, if instruments then how that instrument works, if vocals then what style of vocals are you a baritone or a soprano (No Not the TV Show). Befriend people who share the same taste/talent as you for you can learn from others plus make new friends (Maybe form a group one day).  Learn by example so research artists who are in the same field as you and what styles they employ and how you can learn from it. If you wish to enter the industry then you must what you can do for the industry not what the industry can do for you (don’t be a sparkly commercialized puppet) you know what you want in this business so be your own boss and figure out where you want to go

Don’t Give Up

You can do it