How To Make A Music Video With No Budget.

How to make a Music Video with no Budget? That presents an intriguing question as normally a budget is required to create any music video. But if an artist or you yourself thought you could beat the odds and make a music video with no budget then check our helpful hints and tips. REMEMBER WITH NO BUDGET SIMPLICITY IS KEY

Get your friends involved for one, friends are always there to help out each other and it is important to work with people you will get on with so ask your friends if they would like to help.  Keep it simple with one good location, don’t tie yourself in knots looking for dozens of locations just because you think they will look nice on camera – LESS IS MORE, as most of YouTube viewers will tell you.  The     same goes for the concept, nail it down to one simple concept/story too much of this and that will complicate the video and the intended message/theme will be lost.  In terms of talent keep your artists ideas in mind as you are making the video for them so if they have an idea then listen as could be beneficial for the video. In terms of editing most professional editing software’s are very expensive so your best option is Windows Movie Maker it’s free to download and can still be used to create an amazing video. So overall if you have a taste for music video production then check out these tips.

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Here is an example of a Music Video we did with no budget