Just recently we did a shoot for Musician Stuart Gray for his new song, it was a an exciting project to work on as it was heavily scripted and required plenty of preparation. A scripted Music Video shoot is completely different to a performance video, the latter consists of an artists and a few crew members and equipment. However a scripted music video needs time for everything to be ready for shooting, for this type of video it will require a detailed shooting script, extras, props and possibly costume. We here at Budget Music Videos always take time to prepare for our bigger projects. Whilst we have a main crew we also like to have someone doing some Behind the Scenes work. We always like to have someone taking some behind the scenes photographs and videos so we can look back at the project and all the hard work that went into it.

Working behind the scenes on a big scripted project can be fun as you can be assured there will plenty of material to capture including the odd blooper or two (He only fell over once) so you have drama and comedy (best of both genres in real life). But honestly being on behind the scenes duty on a shoot is really exciting as you get the action from a front row seat (without sitting down) when you work in production, being right with the action is fun instead of sitting around and doing nothing. A Benefit of filming behind the scenes at a shoot is that it can be used as a reference guide for the crew so they can look at their work and maybe improve somewhere they went a bit wrong (your past can improve your future……. me being all mystical). But overall working on behind the scenes can be both informative and exciting. If you are working on a shoot and have the flexibility, pick up a camera and capture some the magic in action, it really is exciting.

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