Working on Music Videos that require a script and storyline can be exciting to work on not only because you can get great opportunities for camera shots but because you are given a chance to be creative with the ideas for the video. When developing ideas for a scripted storyline video, listen to the song and try to find themes or feelings that could be conveyed within the video. For example when were working on a video for a dance crew in Belfast, the song was very lively so we wanted the storyline to involve plenty of dancing and action to emphasise this. If having trouble then as I said listen to the song a few times and also have a notebook and pen handy so you can jot down some of your own ideas, even do a spider diagram and different words/thoughts will come to you. Another example if the song has a sad theme/feeling then think about different sad story ideas/words that could make an ideal music video storyline, creativity has no bounds for the creator.

Once you have an idea for the story of your video then the next step is to think visually, what kind of locations would you like, what will the talent be like and of course remember the  Important Factors such as Camera Shots and Lighting. When you have found you’re locations then explore them and find the right angles or what could be the right place to project nice colours and the right light. For example of you shooting in a forest then look for the right spot where the sunlight comes in and makes the woodland look bright and colourful. Even when filming anywhere look for areas that project nice colours that will look stunning on film. Filming on camera also gives you a chance to be creative look for nice angles, where is the best chances for close ups, long shots that show your location in detail. Creativity can be injected anywhere in a music video, just watch some the big artist music videos and see how they make their videos are creative. Creativity is in the eye of the dreamer so if you have ideas for a music video then use them and more creative opportunities will be endless.