The Importance Of Recognising Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is defined as a product that is owned by those who created it and it is important that people recognise that that product is bound by copyright and not be made use of illegally. Before the millennium the worst kind of intellectual theft would be bootleg records or that kind of thing. Nowadays we live in a digital era where you can access anything if not everything online including all forms of intellectual property like music, film, art, literature, films and TV shows. There are people who will post/upload these things online WITHOUT the copyright holders permission, the worst offending categories being music, film and TV shows. Game of Thrones for example, since the new season began airing episodes have been put online even before transmission. What needs to be highlighted here is that the Show belongs to ABC studios and whoever uploaded those episodes online BROKE COPYRIGHT/INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW.

People need to realise that includes Music as well, illegally downloading/streaming music that they do not own is not fair on the artist and is more or less STEALING from them. That music is how they earn a living. People seem to think that the copyright law on music isn’t as important as copyright law on film and photography. This is something that needs to be made clear, just because it’s within the public domain does not mean the public own it. It belongs to the PERSON WHO WROTE/CREATED IT. After all Authors don’s put their names on their books just for decoration. It is imperative people understand that laws governing copyright and intellectual property should be adhered to and not ignored. You wouldn’t like it if someone copied/stole something you worked hard on. Here at Budget Music Videos/BMV Productions we respect and understand these laws. When it comes to our videos, we filmed the footage and edited it so the video is rightfully our intellectual property and if an artist wants to fully own the video than they must buy us out.


RESPECT Copyright Law.