New Intern Oriane!


I am Oriane. I am from Briancon in France. The last four years I have been studying video communication in Grenoble, France. I have travelled to Northern Ireland to learn everything about music video production with ’Budget Music Videos’ :) I want to learn English too because I would like to travel and discover new cultures. Ireland looks so cool, I hope that I could explore Belfast, Dublin and all the beautiful landscape.

I have different hobbies including: music, TV shows and movies, ( I love Netflix haha )  fitness and gym, nutrition and cooking, tattoos, piercings, and animals. I am a vegetarian, as I believe in animal rights and the respect of nature.

I will work for ’Budget Music Videos’ for 6 months and after the Internship I’ll be looking for a job in the audio-visual sector, but I don’t know where…. Check back at my blogs, as my boss has put me in charge of this for the next 6 months!