Music Videos during the Coronavirus, What to do?

Why not try a DIY music video during the corona virus? Or maybe a stock music video?

We are currently living in a strange time, where its hard to know what will happen day by day. Listening to government advice, we are to distance ourselves from one another, and self-isolate in order to help prevent the spread of covid-19. However, with most places closed for the near foreseeable future, this means that many industries will be impacted, and most prevalent to us is the music and music video industry.

You may have had a previously planned music video, that would have helped boost yourself on social media, however, this doesn’t mean that all videos have to stop, and in fact you can do a lot by yourself, even at home! There are many tutorials you can follow online, even some we have previously created, but there are a few key tips that you should follow.

Firstly, you don’t have to have a complex video to stand out, so you can even make a really good location in your bedroom, or in your back garden! Set up your camera (or even your smartphone), be in a good position in front of it and sing your heart out! If possible, recording your voice with a separate microphone, and syncing this while editing, will help with the audio quality of the production. If you are a complete novice at video making, there are many easy softwares online that you can use, or if you are filming on your phone, just use a free App like ‘VivaVideo’. You dont need to overthink the video, a simple one angle, one shot will be suffice. Remember you fans like you to always be authentic, so less is sometimes more.

Secondly, good lighting can help tremendously in making your video look professional. If the sun is out, you’ll have a perfect natural light source, but alternatively you can use indoor lighting, as long as you ensure your face is filled with light!

And finally, if you want something to stand out on social media, but don’t have the means or time to record a music video, try stock footage! We have a wide variety of stock music videos readily available on our website, including a built-in video editing software to make the process as simple as possible.

Sometimes using stock video can eliminate the risk, cost and time when making a music video. At least you can achieve a high end professional look that can represent your brand. This is a good way to test the market with your music and start building a fanbase.

Here is a great example of one of our stock music videos:

Hopefully these tips help you to continue to stand out and promote your music, and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy over the coming weeks! Check out this video below for our top 4 tips when making your own DIY music video.

Author: Loraa White & Richard Callender

Bite-Sized Marketing Videos Now Available!

Does your business need help with video marketing?

In our constantly moving world, even though information has never been more accessible, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to promote themselves. So we have decided to bring you bite sized marketing videos for your business. Almost everyone has access to some form of social media, and will use these platforms multiple times a day, but with the huge number of posts they’ll be exposed to, its easy for yours to be ignored.

Research has shown that our attention spans are now no longer than about 10 seconds, so how can you appeal quickly and effectively to new potential customers? Try video! This recent research explains the importance of video: Link

We’ve created Bite-Sized Marketing Videos! A new subscription service that we’re offering for any businesses wanting to stand out more on social media!

We’ll create short 10 second marketing videos using our extensive database of Stock Footage filmed and produced in Northern Ireland and Worldwide. We’ll add in all the core information you’ll need to broadcast to your audience, and even upload it to your social media accounts. We have 3 packages available, starting from £99, so you can pick the perfect one for you!

We know how hard it is to run a business and think about marketing and what to post on social media, so let us take the stress away from you. Sign up and cancel anytime. We are happy to come up with ideas for your video and execute them efficiently and professionally. We have many examples already available to give you an idea of what to do. Start today and we can get to work. The process is quites simple. Just email us your type of business and what types of footage you would like us to use and we can get started straight away. When thinking about the text on the videos, keep it short and simple so we can deliver a message to your customers in under 10seconds.

Visit our Bitesize Marketing Videos Page for more information, and be sure to get in touch with us if youre interested!

Bitesize Marketing Videos


It has been a long road to get Budget Music Videos off the ground and making profits and Loraa White the compnay director has been there for every step. In the below video Loraa tells her story from before Budget Music Videos and beyond and her journey to get the compnay going. There have been many ups and downs and tribulations and Loraa’s story is quite unique. Have a watch and enjoy!

Written by Gareth Greenfield.


2019 was the most amazing year to date at BMV. From the successes and the downfalls we managed to launch a new website and produce hundreds of music videos at the same time. We are very proud at the content we have created and the people we have worked with. Check out the video below for a summary and examples of the challenges we have had.

Written by Loraa White


How much does a music video cost? This is the biggest question people ask when they start searching the internet for information. So, we decided to put together a general podcast to educate the music world about how we price music videos and why they cost what they do.

The price of a music video varies from project to project, but here at Budget Music Videos we are trying to help independent musicians and make sure they can the best video for their budget. So, if you are new to the industry and need some advice, please have a listen to our podcast and feel free to ask us questions!


Loraa & Gareth


Hey Guys!

Here at Budget Music Videos we have decided to start our very own Podcast. With tips, ideas, trials and tribulations. In this first podcast, we just want to introduce ourselves, who we are and what we do and what the podcast is all about. We hope you enjoy our fun antics and random humour!

Chat soon!



Company Director Loraa White recently worked with Academy of Contemporary Music delivering a masterclass about the DIY musician and how to make a low budget music video. Below is a video of one of the masterclass with all of Loraa’s top tips and trade secrets about delivering high end video content without the cost. So if you are an independent musicians or a new film maker, this video will give you all the tips you need to make professional video content on a low budget.

Written by Loraa White


What a week at Ireland Music Week 2019! We were honoured to be an official sponsor of this fantastic event alongside industry titans like Andrson, CDBaby, Culture Ireland, FMC, AIM, RTE 2FM, IMRO and Arts Council of Ireland.

Launching a brand-new website is stressful! After our two-year labour of love building our brand new website, we went live just 4 days before Ireland Music Week in Dublin. And what a week to launch; conferences, guest speeches, and artist showcases was a prime opportunity to show off and get feedback on all our hard work. With talks from industry leaders such as; Kees Van Weijen from Impala, Almudena Heredro from Primavera Pro, Sarah Besnard from ATC Live and Andrea Madden from Channel 4, we were able to receive extremely positive feedback and interest from some amazing, talented people.

Our company director Loraa White gave a fantastically in-depth and very well received workshop on DIY music video production, attended by independent musicians, labels and artists, who were able to brainstorm with Loraa on how to master their visual marketing. Loraa took questions from the jam-packed room and gave some amazing advice on giving your music a strong visual presence on a budget. We had speed sessions with some of Irelands most exciting emerging artists who loved our idea, we’ve kept contact with them and hope to work with some of them very soon! Here at Budget Music Videos we want to work with the freshest talent and are always on the hunt for new artists to collaborate with.

As a primarily UK based company we are now looking to expand into the vibrant European market, and what better way than through the Irish market – right on our doorstep! (Brexit Klaxon!) It’s an inevitability we have to deal with – once the UK leaves the EU we of course want to keep our diverse global brand strong and we think working with Ireland and their vibrant industry is a no brainer. With great support from Angela Dorgan and First Music Contact, we look forward to doing just that.

Written by: Rob Dyson


We had the honour to be nominated for as a finalist for ‘Best Short Film Documentary’ at the  Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival 2019. We produced a documentary for the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education, funded by the National Lottery. The project was about the beginning of integrated education in the 1980’s. Directed by Loraa White.

Check the video out here: