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Working at Budget Music Videos!

Hi my name is Ciaran McDaid, I’m 26 from County Donegal. I was educated at LYIT and Ulster University learning animation,
motion graphics, film making, moving image and Photoshop. I’m currently working with Budget Music Videos since July
last year. My role is here a Behind the scene shooter and video editor. I use my Canon camera for recording for the (BTS)
and the software packages I use for the company are Premiere Pro and CorelVideo Studio.
I also design images such as the social media badges for the company’s latest website. The best experience is recording
your footage and change that footage doing colour grading, add text, add effects and subtitles.
The hardest experience is lip syncing and changing the frame rate on my camera.

I would like to learn how to know the camera angles when your filming, be very creative with every footage and also add in
great sound and music. I would also like to travel and film in great locations in different countries.

I would like to specialise in either work in, a film industries or work in a digital media/video production company.

Author: Ciaran McDaid

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Make a music video in London?

Finding the right video production company in London to film / make your music video can be a challenging job. There are many things to think about including price, reputation, quality and turn around. Nowadays music video is a the number one form of music marketing and without it a musician will struggle to promote their music and make sales. Here at Budget Music Videos we pride ourselves on the low cost but high quality music videos we produce on a daily basis. We specialise in working with independent musicians and working to any budget low or high. There are a variety of ways for a musician to make a music video, including:

DIY: Mobile phones are now providing high quality video content and this can be a fun and quirky option.

Pre-Made: Lease a ready made instant music video from us from £99:

Music Video Production from £449 at Budget Music Videos London:  – This will get you 4 hours of filming and basic edit music video that looks something like this:

If you want to make a music video in London don’t hesitate to give us a call! 02892106176 / 07538731004

Author: Loraa White