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The music video is the number 1 marketing tool for any artist/musician. As an independent artist you have to finance everything: i.e producers, recording sessions, promotion and of course the music video. We have strived to make the process not only easier but affordable with all our online options and prices. The digital world is fast paced and with our fast service musicians everywhere can benefit from affordable prices and high quality video content at the click of a button.

  • 90% Increase in artist fanbase 90% 90%
  • 77% increase IN ARTIST song sales 77% 77%
  •  85% Increase to ARTIST Social Following 85% 85%

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Stock Music Videos

Lease a stock music video for your song in minutes. Search different genres, themes and moods to discover the right video for your song. Then you can edit for free using our editing software and download in minutes.

Exclusive Stock Music Videos

Do you want to own all the rights to your music video, then an exclusive video is for you. Search a database for your off the shelf music video, edit using our software and you will have a unique music video in minutes.

Bespoke Music Video Production

Do you want to star in your music video? Or have something more bespoke and specially created for your song. Then let us produce a music video from scratch for you.

From Our Clients


“Loraa White is one of the best female directors in the UK so far. She’s very professional, creative, patient, considerate and has an amazing energy on set. She’s also very good a resolving problems and her team are very hardworking. ”

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Eduard (UK)

Bespoke Video Production

“I was very pleased with my video and the service. Very professional. I highly recommend!”

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Kay Soul (USA)

Stock Music Video

“Highly recommended production company. Loraa White is an amazing and talented director. My friends and family loves the quality of her work. Definitly I will do more music videos with Budget Music Videos in the future.”

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Red Tan (Philipines)

Bespoke Video Production

“Did an AMAZING job… Exactly what we asked for! Overjoyed! X”

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Sean Smith (XFactor UK)

Bespoke Video Production

Our Guarantee

‘All our stock music videos are produced in house and exclusively owned by Budget Music Videos. We do not use any external stock websites or content creators, so all our stock music videos are exclusively only on this website. This guarantees our videos are unique and cannot be leased or purchased anywhere else.’

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