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January 23, 2018

A Music Video is not just a medium that can be used to promote a new song but it can also be used for other promotional and helpful purposes. Looking at a Music Video as a form, it is a short film that tells a story that pulls in the viewers or uses elements that make the story or visuals stand out to capture attention. A Music Video can also be used to promote awareness of a serious issue such as an illness or domestic problems like domestic violence.

These are the best alternative uses for a Music Video as with the right storyline and perfect visuals they can convey the message perfectly. Highlighting awareness through this medium can be beneficial especially for an issue like domestic violence as the storyline can convey the characters feelings and emotions especially with the right song. Don’t be doubtful about this, audiences love a good story and if you convey that the right way then people will sit up and take notice. We here at Budget Music Videos have worked on videos that highlight such issues, such examples include a video we did for Chuka Royalty that explored the problems of domestic violence and we were able to use as an opportunity for great camera angles and use of dramatic space and of course through the music to show the emotions of both characters within the scenario. We feel delighted that we can use our craft to expose the problems within society.

As i said before Music Video’s can have more uses than just showcasing the latest song but can highlight serious issues within society.

Stay Cool Bloggers.

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