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June 14, 2018

Here at budget music videos we have accumulated a variety of costumes over time, which we have used time and time again, so they are always a good investment . However if you are an artist trying to do a music video and want to be individual, and work on a low budget, the first place to start is your own wardrobe because it might surprise you. Mixing a variety of styles and accessories for a dramatic look always works. Modifying something that you already have, adding bling to it, shortening it, ripping it etc. You can source the basics from your wardrobe and then add to it, this is a good place to start. Sourcing the extras from places like friends and family, EBay or cheap high street stores is the next place to look. If you know anyway who is needle handy can contribute.

If you decide to buy from new then sourcing the best prices is essential, EBay is our number one place to shop, for specific items. Then we would hit the high street for simple extras, for example, big fake gold chains, fake bling jewellery , crazy tights, belts etc.

One other way to source costumes is to hire a stylist who comes equipped with costumes and can style you on the day of your shoot, without all the stress. This may be more expensive, but at least with a stylist you know you cant go wrong, and it will be very unique and on trend. The only problem with this is that you can keep the costumes, which could come in handy for photoshoots or gigs/concerts etc.

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