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June 14, 2018

When working to a low budget a studio shoot may not always be the best option, however it can create the most professional look when trying to set a good image or brand for the artist and the music. A simple studio shoot whether using a white/black/green background can capture the essence of any song and your fan base may appreciate the simplicity of it. In the early stages of your music career it can be best to try and get your fan base to appreciate your amazing music first and follow through with the creative music video at a later stage. As i have advised before when researching a studio, you will find that the further outside the city you look the cheaper it will be, as long as you don’t mind travelling.

When searching for a cheap studio, try and get an inclusive studio that includes everything from studio lights, backdrops, changing facilities, kitchen facilities and props. These are the best types of studios as they remove all the stress of sourcing these things externally and individually.

However, depending on where you live sometimes its better to hire a studio within a central city location as it can mean that your surrounding team have ease of access and lower travel costs too, especially when sourcing cheap filming and editing or extras/models/dancers etc. The most expensive part of your video will probably be the studio shoot, so make sure you make the most of it and get as many shots as you can. This may also include taking photographs during the video shoot, to add to your image, or could be used for album covers, profile pictures etc.

Another idea may be that if you book a studio for an entire day, try and organise two video shoots for two separate songs. I assure you this is possible, as long as its well planned, simple and organised. This would mean you will get full use of your filming team, model/dancer/extras, therefore saving money! /

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