Bite-Sized Marketing Videos Now Available!

Written by musicvideo@web

March 23, 2020

Does your business need help with video marketing?

In our constantly moving world, even though information has never been more accessible, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to promote themselves. So we have decided to bring you bite sized marketing videos for your business. Almost everyone has access to some form of social media, and will use these platforms multiple times a day, but with the huge number of posts they’ll be exposed to, its easy for yours to be ignored.

Research has shown that our attention spans are now no longer than about 10 seconds, so how can you appeal quickly and effectively to new potential customers? Try video! This recent research explains the importance of video: Link

We’ve created Bite-Sized Marketing Videos! A new subscription service that we’re offering for any businesses wanting to stand out more on social media!

We’ll create short 10 second marketing videos using our extensive database of Stock Footage filmed and produced in Northern Ireland and Worldwide. We’ll add in all the core information you’ll need to broadcast to your audience, and even upload it to your social media accounts. We have 3 packages available, starting from £99, so you can pick the perfect one for you!

We know how hard it is to run a business and think about marketing and what to post on social media, so let us take the stress away from you. Sign up and cancel anytime. We are happy to come up with ideas for your video and execute them efficiently and professionally. We have many examples already available to give you an idea of what to do. Start today and we can get to work. The process is quites simple. Just email us your type of business and what types of footage you would like us to use and we can get started straight away. When thinking about the text on the videos, keep it short and simple so we can deliver a message to your customers in under 10seconds.

Visit our Bitesize Marketing Videos Page for more information, and be sure to get in touch with us if youre interested!

Bitesize Marketing Videos

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