What is a Stock Music Video?

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March 31, 2020

What is a Stock Music Video?

If you’ve been following Budget Music Videos on social media, or through our blog posts, you may have seen us mention Stock Music Videos, or a new video that’s recently been made available…but what is a Stock Music Video?

Making a music video can be a large investment for many people, something which can take a large budget to produce, and can also take around 6 weeks to be fully edited, and ready for you to promote your music. But social media is constantly moving, and maybe you don’t have the budget for a fully produced music video. So, how can you create a quick and effective music video on a budget?

We had this same thought process, and so we created the world’s first Stock Music Videos! A collection of stock videos that have been made with music as their priority. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, such as romantic, sad and dance, and there are even stock trailers that are made alongside each of the stock music videos!

However, what is a stock music video?

It is a ready made 4 minute long music video with full storylines and themes. This is a video where the artist is not in the music video, but instead uses the video as a marketing tool to drum up new fans and create a professional image. The videos use actors and performers to create context and interest throughout the video and give it substance. The music videos are currently royalty free and artists can use them anywhere online, they are just not suited for broadcasting. The reason for this is because the artist does not own the video, therefore the video will be sold many times. Hence the name ‘stock’. However, if you are worried someone else will also have your video, you dont need to worry, as we only plan to sell a max of 30 times each video and we are constantly creating new videos every month.

Finally, WHY a stock music video?

We have come up with the main reasons to purchase a stock music video:

1. If you are an independent artist and dont have the budget to produce a music video, a stock music video is a cheap option. Prices start from £39 for trailers and £99 for music videos.
2. It takes the risk out of your marketing plan. If you only spend a little amount on a video you can use your marketing budget on marketing the song. This is better than filming an expensive music video.
3. You can test the fanbase, and see if they like the song. Then if the song starts to perform well, you can invest in a more personal music video.
4. If you are releasing an entire album, you might want to use stock music videos for some of the other songs that are not single releases.
5. A stock music video also is fast, you can purchase and edit a music video in minutes on our website. So you have a rapid route to market to start promoting your music.
6. Social Media moves very fast and you need new content on a daily basis to keep your fans interested. This could be a fast and affordable way to do this.

When you purchase one of our stock music videos, you are given the option of downloading this video directly, or using our built-in video editing software! This software is used within your browser, and allows for music to be added instantly. You can also change the video filter to be black & white or retro, and allows for text to be added, perhaps showing your name.

Once this is perfected to your liking, you will receive your customised stock music video shortly afterwards, and…that’s everything! Just like that you’ve made your music video, and instead of 6 weeks to produce, its done in around 6 minutes!

If you’re interested, feel free to browse our stock music video page, and quickly create a stellar video! https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/pre-made-videos/

Here is a great example below:

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Author: Loraa White & Richard Callender

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