How to Make a Music Video

Written by musicvideo@web

September 10, 2020

Making your own music video depends on your circumstance, however here are 2 easy ways to make a music video:

Circumstance 1: you have no friends/ available friends.
All you need:
a phone/ camera with enough pixels to make is watchable
Light (the sun is free)
Your instrument/ your track
Objects to elevate and tilt your phone to your height and eyeline

Circumstance 2: you have friends/ or have friend(s) who is/are studying camera work
All you need:
All their equipment…that’s all
And everything in the previous list

You may be a person who cannot afford a £800 phone (honestly we have no idea why people bother, it’s going to be a brick in 6 hours without charge) and that’s fine. Retro videography will never go out of style as particular trends from a certain decade will always come back into a modern trend, so go ahead, start the trend.

So you have the necessities to make your music video. Great. Go crazy with the shots.
The get yourself started is to film the area you’re filming. Range between wide shot to close ups to get that extra detail of where you’re filming. And just go crazy, get creative. There is no correct way to film a music video as taste and style vary across the board.

Once you have your videos, there are a few free video editing apps that you can edit your content on across windows, android and apple users. Learn the app and get creative.

Check out some of our top tips with this video:

Author: Gareth Greenfield

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