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September 10, 2020

So you’re an artist with little visual creativeness and you don’t know how to make an affordable music video.


Introducing our Stock Music Video site!

Want a model from Amsetrdam wandering the dutch streets? DONE!
Want a bride running from her troubles? WE GOT YOU!
Want to feel like ‘Aqua’ and have a real life Barbie and Ken in your music video? LET’S GO PARTY!

We have got you covered, from our ever growing database of content.

Don’t see anything that would suit you? Why not suggest it to us? We are always open to ideas and queries of future stock videos to display on our site!

We have received numerous questions about our stock videos, and the top 2 questions we have ever gotten was:

1: ‘Do I own this video?’ and
2: ‘Will someone else have the same music video as me?’

The answer is, 1: No, you do not own the video. Stock videos are for public online use (not for broadcast) but solely owned by us, Budget Music Videos Ltd.

2:Yes, someone else will have the same visuals as you. However think of it like this. Your fanbase will be completely different to another artist’s fanbase in another country. It is highly unlikely you’ll cross paths with the other artist who has the same stock video as you.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to chat to us.

Contact us today for your immediate Stock Music Video!

Author: Gareth Greenfield

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