Budget Music Videos Now in Dublin!

How can a Northern Irish company become more Irish? By having a Dublin office of course!

Why did it take us this long to work with Irish artists? Honestly, we’ve no idea, give us a break we’re trying here.
No longer will we be put off by toll bridges. No longer will we be afeared by the Euro. And when our car insurance provides us with our green card in January 2021, you bet that we will use and abuse that to invade the South. No BREXIT holding us back.


Ireland is swamped with immense talent and in 2019 we were invited down to Ireland Music Week, to introduce ourselves to the music scene and spread our knowledge on how to create your own music video on a shoestring budget.

BMV is here. So give us a call, an instant message for a chin wag and production plan, and let’s get creating!

77 Camden Street Lower
Dublin, D02 XE80
IRL Office: +35315568686

Check out some of our recent LIVE music sessions filmed in Waterford:

Chat soon!

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