Extras/Models/Dancer/Actors can really enhance a video, depending on the style. Although they are not always needed, it is sometimes makes a music video diverse and breaks it up with some other talent within the video. If you are planning a low budget music video and want extras/models/dancers the best place to start is close to home. Ask appropriate friends and family who may suit the role, however be careful that you will get the result you want and image you want to set. Bringing in a professional may be a better choice for the video, but this all depends on budget and what you can get. If you plan to not pay your extras/models/dancers you may find your applicants are a range of amateurs who don’t have the right look or enough talent. However if you offer at least some expenses, for example £20 towards travel and food, you will get a good range of applicants applying for the position. Also state clearly how long they will be needed for, the shorter the time, the more people will be interested. The location is also really important, somewhere central and has ease of access by public transport, the better the location the better the applicants.

The best place to advertise for free for extras/models/dancers is Starnow. Once your advert is approved you will be able to see full profiles for all your applicant and pick the best for the video. As long as the applicants know all the information up front, they can’t argue with you on the day. You will be provided with all their contact information, plus videos and pictures to make your decision easier. Plus, after the shoot is finished its good to go back to the Starnow advert and place recommendations for everyone that was used. This means that everyone is happy and creates a possibility you could use them again in the future.

One final avenue to pursue for finding some extras/models/dancers is to approach students at your local colleges. Students studying performing arts etc, as they will be eager to gain experience and to learn, however ensure they are over 18.

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