If you are working on a really low budget music video, you best option is to keep the ideas simple. So when you are making your plan for your video it is best to write a list of all the shots you would like to film. For example if you are filming on a red backdrop with a girl, it might be an idea to follow through all these shots:

–       Head shot, singing

–       Half body shot, singing

–       Half body shot, no singing, posing

–       Full body shot, singing

–       Full body shot, not singing, posing, playing with props

–       Close shots of detail on costumes, jewelry or accessories

This is a basic structure that should be followed for every scene set-up, change of backdrop or change of costume.

However of you have a detailed script, each scene will need various angular planned shots to fulfill the feel of the script. For example, if you are filming a couple at a table, then you will require 3 main shots:

–       shot from behind female head, pointing at male

–       shot from behind male head, pointing at female

–       wide shot of both people and table

This can be easily achieved if you have 3 cameras and a great location. However if you are only working with one camera, and a simple studio backdrop, then you will have to think about the following issues:

–       When moving the props and camera, setup must be the same at every angle

–       When moving lighting around, it must look the same on every angle

–       When moving the camera for each shot, it must have the same setting to enable continuity.

–       It is impossible to film at 3 different angles, with a simple studio paper backdrop, at the same time, other wise your cameras will see the studio, the lights and the camera man, so the table props and actors must be moved each time to accommodate the new angle.

The main tip when planning you video shoot is to write everything down and have a list next to you during filming. This will mean that every planned shot will get taken and nothing will be forgotten.

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