There are a wide variety of options to try and raise funds to pay for a music video. A first obvious one, is by having financial backing from a record label or management. If you are able to get signed, then in theory you shouldn’t have to raise funds yourself for your music or music video.

However getting signed is extremely difficult and can be time consuming, so if your looking for funding quickly or just want to ‘do it yourself’, then it might be an idea to source an investor/sponsor. There are a few avenues you could try for this. First of all you could start close to home, approach family and friends for donations. If that fails, then try approaching your local shops/businesses/entrepreneurs for sponsorship. This may mean you represent their business/brand in some way in your video, however it would be worth it.

Another idea would be to approach your fan base. If you have managed t build a fan base already, you could set up a fan donation page, where fans could donate to help you raise funds for your music video. There are many different websites out there for this, including ‘Go fund me’  and ‘help for bands’ for the UK and ‘Fan Funded’ for the USA. There are many more, just Google ‘fan funding’ and see the results. These accept donations of all sizes, but can be time consuming to promote your campaign for it to be noticed by the general public. However if you already have a big fan base, this should be relatively easy.

One other option is to hire ‘Budget Music Videos’ . We offer extremely low priced music videos from £199, which will give you that professional image you desire.

If you are unable to source finance you could always try and find online competitions for free music videos via video production companies like ‘Budget Music videos’ or via artist’s websites like Reverbnation. Another website that offers money rewards for great music is ‘’. They let artists compete with their music, simple homemade videos of you singing your music, and the winner wins a substantial amount of money at the end of each month.

Hopefully this will give you some great tips to get you started. Thanks

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