Loraa is a skilled and accomplished Director, but more importantly she is the force behind Budget Music Videos Productions. As founder and creator, innovator and chief coordinator, she is the proverbial “it” girl because she has done it all, more than most in her near 12 year career. She started her first production company when she was only 18 and by 22 was the proud owner of an additional three shops (she’s not yet 30). So aside from being a very skilled photographer and videographer she is one of the lead facilitators to the National Youth Film Academy and Northern Regional College and the only one specialising in the making of music videos. She is also a singer song writer and professional dancer (conversant in both classical and street) and has an additional range of skills and experiences that win admiration and envy in equal measure.

Having commissioned several videos of her own songs, Loraa credits her decision to get behind the camera as a way of compensating for the incompetence (her words) that was taking her hard earn cash. LORAA prides herself on not only being very artistic and creative but also organised and very thorough in the way she works. She is able to take full control of all styles of music video and execute through all the stages (planning, filming, lighting, composition and editing). In addition, she is able to give great movement direction and performance guidance and is regularly called upon to choreograph on setup dance routines. She has worked with many of the biggest names in the music industry and is always able to guide her clients in the right direction.

LORAA is also well known for thinking on her feet, for with most video production things always go wrong and its always good to have a back up plan, LORAA always comes double prepared for any situation and has proven to bend over backwards to help her clients.

LORAA is also known for her sense of style and when on set is easily spotted as the only member of the production crew (believe it or not) likely to be rocking a pair of six inch heels… (well maybe five). Her motto is that she represents herself and her brand and together they both equal quality and… “Style”

Loraa has most recently worked on TV show ISupermodel from China, and her work was viewed by over 290million viewers. She also directed a music video on ‘Britians Next Top Model 2016′ and was featured on TV for her work. Check our sister website for all the footage, www.bmvproductions.co.uk

Lorra At Work

What We Can Do:

  • Studio Shoot (White/Black/Coloured Background)
  • Green Screen Shoot (plus effects in edit)
  • On Location Filming (we can source ideal locations)
  • Live Event Filming
  • Portable Equipment, We Can Shoot Anywhere
  • Film in 1080HD DSLR or 4k Cinematic Camera
  • Creative Writing of Scripts and Storyboards
  • Professional Photography
  • Behind the Scenes Videography
  • We Can Provide Models/Dancers/Fire Breathers/Makeup/Hair Artists
  • All types of Editing including Tints, Colour Grading, Touch Ups, Animation and Special Effects

LORAA’s Showreel: