Stock Files/Pre-Made Videos License Agreement

Royalty Free License Agreement:
Stock Files/Pre-Made Videos

A. Your Rights:
We, BUDGET MUSIC VIDEOS, the owner of, grant you a perpetual, worldwide right to incorporate the stock files/pre-made videos you obtain from us into any work you create.

For any stock files/pre-made videos you obtain from us, you may incorporate them into any project, commercial or otherwise, including feature films. Broadcast, educational, print, multimedia, games, merchandise, and the internet. Once you incorporate a stock files/pre-made video into your project, you can share your finished project freely, but you may not share the underlying stock files/pre-made video as a standalone file with anyone else. (That said, you can share individual stock files/pre-made with your client or someone else for the limited purposes of getting their help with your specific project, assuming you are adding substantial value to the project apart from inserting the stock files/pre-made videos. Otherwise, they need their own license). You also agree to use your best efforts to avoid letting the stock files/pre-made videos be accessible to others as a standalone file, but since that’s not always possible, your inability to prevent copying will not be considered a breach of this license.

Keep in mind that this license is limited in certain ways, as explained below, and it is neither exclusive to you no transferrable to others.

B. Our Guarantee:
We promise that if you use our stock files/pre-made videos as described in this licence, your use will not infringe on the rights (such as copyrights) of a third party.

In no event, including negligence, will we be liable to you or any third party for incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind. Note that trademarks, logos, or copyrights depicted within our stock files/pre-made videos are not covered in this guarantee. For example, if one of our videos depicts someone holding a brand name beverage, the beverage label may be protected by copyright and trademark law and should be used at your own risk. ( we wouldn’t want you to think this license lets you re-print coca cola cans).

C. Basic Limitations:
Ensuring fairness for all our artists and other customers is a top priority. Here is how we protect them.

1. You cannot sell, licence, or re-distribute our stock files/pre-made videos, nor can you build your own stock media site with our files. You cannot create a trademark or logo based on our stock files/pre-made videos, since that would block other customers from using the stock files/pre-made videos. You cannot use automation, such as computer scripts, to download or ‘scrape’ high volumes of stock files/pre-made videos. Finally, you cannot use stock files/pre-made videos to harm minors, to encourage violence, or for unlawful purpose, such as defamation.
2. If you see stock files/pre-made videos with identifiable people or property, those are restricted to editorial use only, unless they are designated as ‘model released’ or ‘property released’. We make these designations easy to find by noting them on the clip description page. Also, for model released stock files/pre-made videos, you must not depict the models in a way that a reasonable person would find offensive. Just to be clear, the issue is whether your depiction of the models is offensive, not whether your project as a whole is offensive. For example, you could use stock files/pre-made videos with models in a documentary about a rare and embarrassing medical condition, but you should not depict the models in a way that suggests they personally carry the embarrassing medical condition, unless our clip already depicts them in that way. (Our models do not want to be portrayed as scum or scallywags)
3. Audio currently on stock files/pre-made videos is only for demonstration and is not being sold. Your final files will have no audio. We are not selling the audio, although we have rights to use this audio for demonstration purposes on our videos.
4. If you use the stock files/pre-made videos to make physical reproductions (including product packaging letterhead, advertising in tangible media, such as magazines, newspapers and books) or merchandise (including calendars, toys, stationery, greeting cards, clothing and any other physical reproductions for re-sale or distribution), you are limited to a maximum of 100,000 reproductions. For any other use of stock files/pre-made videos, including video productions, the budget for any such project as a whole must not exceed £10,000.
5. Regarding our ‘pre-made’ videos including music videos and commercial ads, BMV (Budget music videos) branding at the end of the video must not be removed. There are no limitations on how many uses your video can have. It can be used several times for your required purpose. We will not claim any royalties from the video and you are free to monetize the video for online advertising and collect royalties for the video without paying Budget Music Videos any further payment, fee or percentage of revenue gained. But you cannot sell the video to another customer, it must be used by the purchaser only. The client has the rights to distribute or upload the video anywhere in the world.
6. You cannot claim ownership of the stock files/pre-made videos, nor brand them as your production, whether they are in original state or altered in any way, as these are still owned by Budget Music Videos.
If any of these limitations are too stringent for your needs, please contact us to discuss and alter your agreement at an additional charge.