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Why Music Video?

The music video is the number 1 marketing tool for any artist/musician. As an independent artist you have to finance everything: i.e producers, recording sessions, promotion and of course the music video. We have strived to make the process not only easier but affordable with all our online options and prices. The digital world is fast paced and with our fast service musicians everywhere can benefit from affordable prices and high quality video content at the click of a button.

  • 90% Increase in artist fanbase 90% 90%
  • 77% increase IN ARTIST song sales 77% 77%
  •  85% Increase to ARTIST Social Following 85% 85%

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Our Guarantee

‘All our stock music videos are produced in house and exclusively owned by Budget Music Videos. We do not use any external stock websites or content creators, so all our stock music videos are exclusively only on this website. This guarantees our videos are unique and cannot be leased or purchased anywhere else.’

Subscription FAQ’s

How do I subscribe to the website?

Check out one of our plans on the subscription options page, click select on the package you prefer then fill in the forms to start setting up your account.

What if I already have a Free account?

If you already have a free account with us, then you will be able to upgrade to one of our subscription packages on your account page.

How does payment work?

We take payment immediately for the month subscription ahead. You can pay using credit card, visa, master card and many other ways.

Will my plan auto-renew by default?

Yes. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, we’ll charge you once a month until you downgrade or cancel.

Will you send me a reminder before you take payment?

No, so if this is important to you, you may want to set up your own repeat reminder in your calendar.

What if I need more videos than allowed in my subscription?

You can either upgrade your subscription package, wait until the next month for the allowance to increase again, or pay for the video independently.

What happens to unused videos in my plan?

Every month, any unused videos in your plan will roll over to the next month as long as you are on an active subscription. If you downgrade to a lower tier subscription, your accrued credits will carry over. However, if you cancel your subscription completely, you will lose all the rolled-over videos that you’ve stockpiled. So we recommend using up all of your videos before you cancel.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Absolutely. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time by logging in and going to your profile. Just remember that any unused videos from your previous plan will no longer be available to use (see above).

When I cancel, will the cancellation take effect immediately or on the next billing date?

At the minute cancellation (and resetting of your video allowance) takes place immediately. So we encourage you to use all of your available videos before you downgrade or cancel to make sure you use up what you’ve already paid for.

Will I still have access to past videos I’ve made and videos I’m building in my Projects list if I downgrade or cancel?

Yes. If you’ve made and downloaded a video as part of your plan in the past, you’ll be able to download it again at any time—regardless of whether you’ve changed plans or cancelled your subscription.

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